Home Ownership Program


As a part of this program strategy we will provide homeownership classes (important information a homeowner should know before purchasing a home) and access to housing down payment and closing cost grants (forgivable loans) and low to no interest rate loans. We will also make all of our clients aware of predatory lending practices and how to shield themselves from this type of activity. We will connect our clients with agencies that follow and complies with government – imposed mortgage limitations or otherwise makes the initial and continuing cost of purchasing a home affordable to low and very low income residents. For individuals and families facing foreclosure, we will provide funding to bring their mortgage current and educational and financial assistance (budgeting, savings programs and referrals to other non-profits that help with financing such as NACCA.)

Participants need to understand where they are, where they want to go and then they have to be disciplined about sticking to it. Minorities and other underserved groups, who are often overlooked by the financial services mainstream, require clear and relevant information to help them achieve stability.