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Our Mission

All About The Community, Inc. (AATC) is a Charleston, SC-based community redevelopment company whose mission is to expand and improve opportunities for low and moderate income households in Charleston, SC. It will accomplish this by preserving and renovating existing structures, and by partnering with federal, state, and local agencies, private organizations, and community groups to develop programs designed to establish sustainable infrastructure for the residents of AATC’s rehabilitated communities.

Our Programs

We have many programs to assist the community.


Through community involvement and collaborative efforts with other non-profit organizations, (including service learning projects and job skills training) volunteer laborers from our local high schools and detentions centers donate their time and energy to help renovate and build affordable housing for individuals and families in need.

Affordable Rental Housing

In order to provide affordable housing for low-income individuals and families who are not ready for homeownership, our organization will secure single family houses and housing facilities (purchased or secured through donations), ensure that each unit is safe and of high quality (through rehabilitation if necessary), lease each unit to individuals and families in need of permanent affordable housing. Section 8 and vouchers will be used to subsidize the rental payments.

Multi-Family Housing

All About The Community Inc. seeks to purchase and manage low-income apartment-housing complexes that target low-income families trying to survive in the Lowcountry area of South Carolina.

Transitional Housing

Each transitional house will operate as a separate entity but also as a part of the whole All About The Community Program. Each resident will have their own room or apartment. All meals will be provided as well as 24 hour supervision. Each resident will meet with the case manager to establish a stabilization plan with short-term goals within the first 36 hours of admission. Long term goals and appropriate activities must be established and implemented with 60 days of admission. Each resident must attend all mandatory sessions held daily, weekly, and biweekly at each transitional housing site as well as activities designated by their case manager.

Our Services

We have many services to assist the community.

Financial Literacy

Increase the financial comprehension and budgeting skills of low-income program participants enabling them to effectively manage their finances. Participants will learn positive financial strategies and create a working budget, while working on personal debt reduction.

Job Skills and Vocational Training

We conduct job skills training and skill building sessions with community partnerships. We conduct employability and vocational skills training sessions that include interviewing, job searches, and resume development

Education Development

Conducting continuing education, GED, and ESL classes.

Health Education

Character building and life skills sessions that promote mental health. Conducting sessions that increase physical health including physical education and health assessments information sessions, heart disease prevention and intervention sessions including exercising and nutrition.

Latest Project

These are a few of our recent projects.

Home Ownership

Affordable Rental Housing

Multi-Family Housing

Transitional Housing